Ring Schedule (Fall 2019)

Ring Schedule (Fall 2019)

12:30 PM 5:30 PM
Sun Carl
Mon Ellen
Tue Jeremy
Wed Tori Joyce
Thu Yule
Fri Mitchell
Sat Kameron
12:30 PM Carl
Ellen Jeremy
Tori Yule
5:30 PM Kimie

About the Guild

The Guild is the student organization responsible for ringing the bells in Harkness Tower. It is a self-perpetuating group: each fall, the current members give lessons to freshmen and sophomores (and sometimes graduate students) on the practice carillon, and, after auditions, elect new members to the Guild.

The Guild was founded in 1949 by Elliot H. Kone BR '49 as the Guild of Yale Bellringers. It was renamed in 1964, two years before the donation of 44 additional bells expanded the original chime to a 54-bell carillon.

We currently have 21 full-time members, and a few adjunct members. Each Guild member has their own ring spot (see above!). Our teacher is Ellen Dickinson, who is a Yale and Guild alum; she comes in a few times a week to give us lessons to help us continue playing beautiful music for all of campus!

Besides ringing bells for Yale's campus, the Guild does two yearly tours. The smaller tour is Mini-Tour, and past Mini-Tours have taken the Guild to Pennsylvania and Boston. The larger tour alternates between a European Tour and a Domestic Tour.

We also play handbells. For more information, click here!

During the summer, the Guild also hosts a summer series that invites carillonneurs from around the world to come play a weekly concert. In general, the Guild simply loves spending time together, so there are lots of snacks, dinners, movies, hanging out, and lots of general fun is involved!

Current Members

Click here for the list of Guild alumni.

Jeremy Ng

Trumbull 2026
Computer Science/Physics

Yule Zhang (Arrow)

Franklin 2026

From Anchorage, Alaska, Arrow likes Carillon-ing, piano-ing, foreign language-ing, writing, and eating sushi.

Anna Jamison

Franklin 2026

Carl Geiselhart

Saybrook 2026

Mitchell Dubin

Franklin 2025
Treasurer 2022-23 Economics

Zoe Pian

Timothy Dwight 2025
Heeler Monster MB&B

Zoe is a pianist from the small town of New York City. When she isn't holed up in her bedroom, she can be found touching grass on science hill and making a futile but considerable effort to establish an interspecies friendship with New Haven birds.

Peter Zhang

Berkeley 2025

Peter is from the frozen land of Vancouver, Canada. When not training to climb spiral staircases, he is probably shovelling peanut M&Ms into his mouth in a upper-floor, window-facing, Bass cubicle.

Jiayi Liao

Morse 2025
Tour Manager & Librarian

Jiayi (Joyce) is from Beijing, China. On a sunny afternoon, you can find her chilling outside the Beinecke, taking a walk in the cemetery, or climbing (spiral) stairs. She loves museums, books, and (good) food!

Isaiah Suchman

Morse 2025

If it's after midnight, Isaiah is probably trying to find the Tower light switch so he can get in an "early evening" practice. Otherwise, he might be hiking, fiddling with the fonts on his computer, satiating his Wikipedia addiction, or spelunking in the deepest recesses of the Humanities Quadrangle.

Eric Wang


Tiffany Toh

Saybrook 2025
Electrical/Biomedical Engineering

Sharon Ahn

Murray 2024
Recording Engineer, Social Chair Music

Sharon is probably in rehearsal, in a practice room, or napping (or any combination of the above)... Please leave a message after the tone. *facgce*

Daniel Pak

Graduate Student 2024
Biomedical Engineering

Daniel loves watching awesome people play awesome music. Hopefully he will actually get to practicing and play like that someday. In addition to the carillon, he has recently rekindled his interest in electric guitar.

Lea Kim

Hopper 2024
Social Chair, Newsletter Editor Chemistry and Music

Lea is an iced latte aficionado from Solon, Ohio. When she is not mastering the art of climbing stairs, Lea spends her time playing the violin, drawing chair conformations, and watching all and every food-related video on the internet.

Maggy Lambo

Silliman 2024
Treasurer, Webmaster Electrical Engineering

Tori Lu

Silliman 2024
Heeler Monster, Social Chair, Publicity Chair Art/EVST

Tori is a rat dog enthusiast from New York. In her free time she draws ugly pictures. If you would like to hear anime music on the bells email requests to victoria.lu@yale.edu

Nathan Moran

Franklin 2024

Kameron Duncan

Morse 2024

Zacharie Sciamma

Davenport 2023
Tour Manager Computer Science

Zatch has been meaning to write a bio, but has never quite gotten to it. Maybe one day a Webmasters' Choice (TM) photo will appear here too. Oh bell.

Julia Zheng

Jonathan Edwards 2023
Co-Chair S&DS, Global Affairs

Loves bright, autumn mornings & runs in the rain. Avid fan of Debussy & dominant sevenths. Enjoys stand up comedy & bad puns. Rings big bells from chime to chime :)

Kimie Han

Saybrook 2023
Co-Chair Neuroscience

Kimie is a brain enthusiast from the Windy City. When she is not climbing stairs, she often finds herself dabbling in piano, walking her cat, and rollerblading at East Rock.

Yilin Chen

Timothy Dwight 2023
Global Affairs and Economics

Likes: hot pot, languages, Grey's Anatomy, Broadway and French musicals, her cat, art galleries, taking low quality photos of high quality people. Dislikes: keeping any plant alive for more than a semester, Yale Dining's feeble attempts at Asian food. Yilin is from Beijing, China!

Daniel Lu

Davenport 2023

Evan Hochstein

Morse 2023

Evan is from Austin, Texas and can't stop learning languages (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese...). Once upon a time he took hieroglyphic Egyptian. He loves listening to and playing music from around the world, especially when he can actually understand the lyrics. When the aliens come, he doesn't know if he will be able decipher their language like Amy Adams in Arrival, but he will certainly play the bells for them. Si ty tastaTii3 'an kan4dong3 yeh mensaje, napishi li, shuo1 "howdy y'all."

Erica Ho

Graduate Student 2022

Erica is a PhD student in clinical psychology and neuroscience, and she is also a die-hard Cornell Chimesmaster. Erica loves staircases, cats, and whales.

Alvin Chung

Silliman 2022

Alvin is a freshman from Potomac, Maryland. He is a percussionist in YSO but a Carillonneur at heart. He also practices the piano every then and now. Give him a box of Ferrero Rochers and he will always be with you through thick. The thin will cost you extra. Maybe a chipotle burrito bowl consisting of white rice, steak, tomatoes, sour cream, corn, cheese, lettuce and guacamole?

Jeremy Weiss

Jonathan Edwards 2022
Tour Manager, Webmaster Computer Science and Math

Adam Chen

Timothy Dwight 2022
M.A./B.A. History of Art

Oh no, someone mentioned Bach to Adam and now he won't stop talking. Other topics to avoid: genealogy, Baroque architecture, and really just art history in general.

Janine Tu

Ezra Stiles 2022
Chemistry and Economics

Janine is from North Carolina and enjoys learning about Organic Chemistry, the Kardashians, and most recently, big bells. When not struggling with spiral staircases, she can be found watching The Bachelor, taking a 12 minute nap, or trying to play big chords on the piano.

Robert Carter

Hopper 2021

Robert is from Corpus Christi, Texas (a.k.a The Sparkling City by the Sea). He enjoys watching rousing physics videos on YouTube, among other types of videos. Robert plays the piano and is also a Baroque enthusiast who likes to indulge his ears in the beautiful sounds of the harpsichord and organ. Robert constantly asks himself where he is, not because he is lost geographically, but because he is lost inside.

Michael Gancz

Murray 2021
Social Chair, Recording Engineer, Librarian Music (MA/BA)

Michael was taking their trombone out for a stroll when they strayed too far from the new colleges and got lost. Now they're stuck in Harkness Tower and can't get down. Please send help.

Sarah Luckart

Branford 2019

Sarah is interested in brains and tech, but not AI. Outside of the Tower, they fix computers, cook, and sometimes play viola. They have a collection of small succulents and their favorite is a red-headed cactus named George (Weasley).

Alicia Ding

Pierson 2016

Alicia is in Pierson College. She sometimes laughs at inopportune moments, also plays French horn in the Yale Symphony Orchestra and has an affinity for boxes. She also generally prefers Oxford commas, but...

Andy Zhang

Graduate Student 2015

Andy, whose cognitive science major was neurolinguistics-flavored, enjoys botany, cats, espresso, and metropolises.

Katie Leiby

Silliman 2014
Biomedical Engineering

Katie is a biomedical engineering major. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, and knitting. She regrets that two of her favorite things, peanut butter and anything French, are mutually exclusive.

Ellen Dickinson

Guild Advisor and Teacher Music

Ellen '97, '99 MUS, has previously been a member of the Board of Directors of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America. She joined the Yale Guild in her sophomore year, and served as co-chair in her junior and senior years. She now serves as the Guild's advisor, and has two children, ages five and seven.

Jessica Liu

Ian Haile

Eason Cao

Meher Sethi