Ring Schedule (Summer 2017)

Ring Schedule (Summer 2017)

12:30 PM 5:30 PM
Sun Kevin
Mon Ellen Jonathan
Tue Andy Z.
Wed Ming-Yee Erica
Thu Kevin
Sat Milo Sonia
12:30 PM Ellen Ming-Yee Milo
5:30 PM Kevin Jonathan Andy Z. Erica Kevin

About the Guild

The Guild is the student organization responsible for ringing the bells in Harkness Tower. It is a self-perpetuating group: each fall, the current members give lessons to freshmen and sophomores (and sometimes graduate students) on the practice carillon, and, after auditions, elect new members to the Guild.

The Guild was founded in 1949 by Elliot H. Kone BR '49 as the Guild of Yale Bellringers. It was renamed in 1964, two years before the donation of 44 additional bells expanded the original chime to a 54-bell carillon.

We currently have 21 full-time members, and a few adjunct members. Each Guild member has their own ring spot (see above!). Our teacher is Ellen Dickinson, who is a Yale and Guild alum; she comes in a few times a week to give us lessons to help us continue playing beautiful music for all of campus!

Besides ringing bells for Yale's campus, the Guild does two yearly tours. The smaller tour is Mini-Tour, and past Mini-Tours have taken the Guild to Pennsylvania and Boston. The larger tour alternates between a European Tour and a Domestic Tour.

We also play handbells. For more information, click here!

During the summer, the Guild also hosts a summer series that invites carillonneurs from around the world to come play a weekly concert. In general, the Guild simply loves spending time together, so there are lots of snacks, dinners, movies, hanging out, and lots of general fun is involved!

Current Members

Click here for the list of Guild alumni.

Erica Ho

Graduate Student 2022
Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience

Erica is a first-year PhD student in clinical psychology and is also a proud Cornell Chimesmaster. Erica loves staircases, cats, and whales.

Anne Lu

Berkeley 2020
Tour Manager, Social Chair

Anne loves cats, Chopin, and 72% Godiva dark chocolate. She used to love spiral staircases but has learned that it is much easier to admire them from afar.

James Carrabino

Trumbull 2020
Heeler Monster, Social Chair

James is sleeping so he did not write a bio. Oh bell...

John Mori

Ezra Stiles 2020
Tour Manager, Historian E-flat Major

John is a fan of secondary dominants, so he tends to modulate too frequently.

Noah Kravitz

Calhoun 2020

Noah is a freshman from Washington, DC. When he's not playing the carillon, he enjoys eating dark chocolate, playing fetch with his Welsh Terrier Maisy, and running long distances.

Vladyslav Nazarchuk

Trumbull 2020

Vlad is a freshman from New Jersey, thinking about studying mathematics and music. He loves cathedrals and all things medieval. If he were a musical key, it would be C minor.

Kevin Chang

Jonathan Edwards 2020
Webmaster, Social Chair MB&B

Kevin is from Pleasantville, NY. Kevin likes to eat and sleep. Until Kevin comes up with a creative bio, that's all you need to know about Kevin.

Agata Sorotokin

Pierson 2019

Dame Sorotokin is a Pierson freshman from San Jose, California. Besides playing carillon and piano, she enjoys attempting to throat sing (and mostly failing), eating dark chocolate, drinking tea 50 times a day, and adventuring.

Heather Wang

Berkeley 2019
Co-Chair Undecided

What Heather learned in boating school is:

Stephen Wang

Branford 2019

A sophomore from Houston, Texas, Stephen is a prospective MB&B major. In his free time, he enjoys laughing loudly, building puzzles, playing tennis and lacrosse, and blah blah blah.

Joy Chiu

Jonathan Edwards 2019
Heeler Monster, Historian, Newsletter Editor

Joy is a warm feeling of great happiness and delight. She is typically most noticeable around the holiday season, although she does flit around Yale's campus year-round. You can conjure joy (Joy?) with fancy, nice-smelling bar soaps and furry dogs. Hugs, breakfast sandwiches, and frozen custard will work as well.

Milo Brandt

Trumbull 2019
Publicity, Webmaster, Recording Engineer, Tower Keeper Mathematics and Music

Milo is a fan of alliteration and, for this purpose, studies mathematics and music. He enjoys working outside hoping that, one day, he can convince the birds and other wildlife to help him (with homework), like they do in Snow White.

Sarah Luckart

Branford 2019
Tower Keeper, Librarian E&EB and Cognitive Science

Sarah is a sophomore in Branford and might study biology.

Sonia Wang

Jonathan Edwards 2018
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemist

A JE junior from California, Sonia enjoys taking photos (so many her phone runs out of space regularly), listening to movie soundtracks, and re-watching Disney/Pixar movies (multiple times). Her world revolves around food. If you mention that you love How to Train Your Dragon, you will instantly become her friend.

Jonathan Adler

Timothy Dwight 2018

Jonathan, who hails from Philadelphia, studies History and Philosophy here at Yale. Outside of Harkness Tower, Jonathan enjoys playing the piano, cooking eggplant, and trying to speak Arabic. Sometimes, a wild "red beard" will appear on Jonathan's face, so be on the lookout (especially in November).

Prawat Trairatvorakul

Ezra Stiles 2018
Handbell Master, Webmaster, Recording Engineer Electrical Engineering and Computer

Pong is and will always...

Tom Gurin

Ezra Stiles 2018
Co-Chair Music

Tom is a junior in Ezra Stiles College from suburban Philadelphia. He appreciates classical music, good movies, warm sweaters, and socks. Many, many socks. He plans to combine his two preferred instruments (carillon and clarinet) into one clarillonet in the near future. Stay tuned.

Megan Brink

Calhoun 2017

Meg is a senior art major with a focus in graphic design and animation. She also enjoys eating tons of ice cream.

Kevin Wang

Ezra Stiles 2017
Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

Kevin is a junior from Nashville, Tennessee. He enjoys playing the piano in addition to the carillon, and he loves Rachmaninoff, spicy food, scientific writing, and logic. However, not so logical is the fact that his favorite thing in the world is the smell of old office buildings.

Jonathan Shao

Berkeley 2017

Jonathan is from the never-drop-below-sixty-degrees land of California and is a freshman thundercoq. He is a borderline nudist. If you happen to see a guy with no clothes in the winter, it is probably Jonathan Shao.

Eva Albalghiti

Davenport 2017
Environmental Engineering

quotidien constellations: a horizon line as close as eyelid to I

Tommy Kilmer

Berkeley 2017

Tommy is a senior in Berkeley majoring in philosophy. In addition to playing carillon he likes improvising/fooling around on the piano. Other hobbies include playing frisbee, eating at Ivy Noodle, procrastinating by beating his suitemates at FIFA, and wondering, "does she like me??"

Andy Zhang

Branford 2015
Cognitive Science & Linguistics

Andy, whose cognitive science major was neurolinguistics-flavored, enjoys botany, cats, espresso, and metropolises.

Ming-Yee Lin

Law 2013

Ming-yee is a Law School student, and before that, an East Asian Studies major. She enjoys climbing spiral staircases and spent her junior year fall semester in Peking University.

Michael Solotke

Davenport 2013

Michael is an MB&B major in Davenport College (2013). Originally from Chicago's North Shore, he also plays the trombone in the YSO and the piano. Outside of his love for Harkness Tower (his fiercest love), he enjoys sketchy late night walks, general ridiculousness, and buttons.

Ellen Dickinson

Guild Advisor and Teacher Music

Ellen '97, '99 MUS, has previously been a member of the Board of Directors of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America. She joined the Yale Guild in her sophomore year, and served as co-chair in her junior and senior years. She now serves as the Guild's advisor, and has two children, ages five and seven.