Summer 2016

Every year we host a Summer Concert Series, where we invite carillonneurs from all over the world to come play at Harkness Tower. Concerts are free and open to the public, and will be held every Friday from 7pm-8pm, with gates opening at 6:30pm. Please enter at 74 High St. New, Haven. Our first concert will be held on June 24th. Click here to see the lineup for this year.

We also continue to offer tours of the tower at 12:15pm and 6:45pm every day throughout the summer starting on May 24th. If you would like a tour of the tower and/or would like to request a song, click on the appropriate link above. Our summer carillonneurs are Heather Wang, Agata Sorotokin, and Tommy Kilmer. Please contact with any questions.

GCNA Congress 2016

The Yale Guild is hosting the 2016 Congress of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America from June 16 to June 20.

See our congress website for more information.

Summer Concert Series 2016

Please see below for the lineup of our Summer Concert Series this year.

Date Performer
June 24th Eddy Mariën
July 1st Ellen Dickinson
July 8th Kymberly Stone
July 15th Mathieu Polak
July 22nd Summer Carillonneurs (Thomas Kilmer, Agata Sorotokin, Heather Wang)
July 29th Lisa Lonie and Janet Tebbel
August 5th Andy Zhang

Newbie concert on March 5, 2016

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